Interior, Furniture & Lighting Design

At IFL we use a collaborative approach to design and working with our clients. This is to ensure our design reflects and enhances the client’s vision through unique tailored solutions


We are dedicated to providing an exceptional bespoke, enjoyable and stress free service to our clients. From planning through to installation, we are with you the entire way. Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy creating the perfect interior that suits your lifestyle and budget


Individual and creative design is integral to each retail space we create. Our commitment is to ensure that your brand is communicated through the space that we design. Collaboration and dedication to your company goals are themes that we adhere to throughout this process

Retail Expansion

We specialise is assisting our client’s goals of expanding their business, whether this is locally, national or international. From full city and property research, negotiation of property deals, designing and build out of the space, right through to styling the interior. We’ll cover everything, and all you need to do is install your stock and open the doors


We create work spaces that address long term needs, flexibility and comfort. While at the same time making a unique space that your staff want to work in


Lighting is everything, and is the key to enhancing the overall design of your space. It can create both spaces to be creative in, and spaces to just unwind and relax in. Lighting is a sure way to invoke emotion into any space


Styling is the essential finishing touch to any project, both in commercial and residential spaces. From bringing out your personality, to defining your brand, our attention to details leaves no corner unloved